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Monday, October 17, 2011

Tips for Taking a Great Headshot

Glamour Shots provides you with professional photography and expert makeup artists, at prices that you can't beat for your modeling portfolio. Headshots are important if you are looking to break into the modeling or acting field. Here are some tips for taking an eye catching headshot that will impress anyone who views it:

  • You want the entire focus to be on your face, so avoid wearing wild colors and prints. Dress to impress ,but go with traditional and basic colors like black, white, a deep red or navy blue.

  • Wear makeup that highlights your features without it being too overpowering and distracting. You want to go for a softer look as opposed to having a loud neon green for your eyeshadow.

  • The headshot you take should exude your personality. Just by looking at the photo the person reviewing it should get some sort of feeling or personality from you. Think about the type of look you want to portray. Do you want to be viewed as funny, serious, or sultry?

  • Glamour Shots offers you different poses for your portraits. Try doing a more serious shot, a shot where you are smiling, or a beauty shot. Doing different versions will give you more to pick and choose from.

  • If you find yourself stuck you have a professional photographer as your guide. When you are lost for inspiration or you need assistance creating the look you desire, Glamour Shots expert photography takes care of this for you.



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