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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Creative and Quirky Engagement Portraits

Long gone are the days of couples in matching outfits, holding hands on the beach. Glamour Shots reviews reveal that in today's age, the quirkier, the better! Couples are coming up with fabulous themes and creative outfits to make their engagement portraits stand out. Whether they choose a wild 1920's flapper-esque theme, or a modern take on the infamous "Kissing Sailor" photo, couples are choosing unique and creative ways to let others know they're tying the knot! When choosing a creative theme, it's important to step out of the box… just stay somewhat near it – you want to remain cute and quirky, rather than crazy. Below are a few ways to get the creative juices flowing:

Take Into Consideration Where you Met
Are you high school sweethearts? Did you first bond over your mutual love for a certain sports team? Take into consideration the place that you met your significant other and how it all began – this could be important to snag the perfect engagement portraits.

Think About Your Favorite Books and Movies Is there one book that you're both crazy about? Perhaps you both have a soft spot for the Disney movie, "Up." This could be the perfect movie to base your photoshoot theme on. If you're looking for a more serious movie, a play on "The Notebook" could also be a fun and unique idea.

Consider the Things You Have in Common What do you and your fiancé have in common? Whether it's a sport or hobby, try to integrate it into your portraits. After all, these photos should be all about YOU.



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