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Glamour Shots Community Blog: The Truth on Glamour Shots Prices Complaints

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Truth on Glamour Shots Prices Complaints

Have you ever had a professional photographer do your portraits for a session? If so, then you’re aware that having a true professional for a photography session is not something that comes cheap. The phrase” you get what you pay for” comes to mind when thinking about portraits. If you aren’t looking to spend very much money, then you likely aren’t going to get high-quality work. This is why it’s helpful to bring Glamour Shots price complaints into the light. 

For having one professional photographer work with you for a few hours and then paying for several prints you’d likely spend well over a thousand dollars. However, you won’t have the rights to copy the prints you receive and you won’t have access to a professional hair and makeup artist either. Simply having your hair done by a professional can cost you several hundred dollars, without getting your makeup done as well.

Working with Glamour Shots, you receive pampered care from a team of professionals. Their goal is to make sure you have the best possible experience. Careful attention is given to your hair and makeup in order to best complement your features and skin tone. 

After your hair and makeup is finished by a trained team of artists, you then work with a professional photographer for your portraits. Once the session is finished, you then get to view dozens of portraits. Glamour Shots offers their customers several pricing packages, and even prices on individual portrait prints. You aren’t forced into buying anything and you can pick the specific poses you like best. You can even buy a CD of your favorite poses, which you have full rights to print, or post on the internet. The CD alone is worth several hundreds.

The truth about the Glamour Shots price complaints is that there are likely unreasonable expectations about what a true professional photography session costs. Coupled with having professional makeup artists do your hair and makeup, you are paying for what you get- care other professional don’t offer.


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