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Glamour Shots Community Blog: Creating A Mountain Out of a Mole Hill: Accusations of Glamour Shots Discount Scams are False

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Creating A Mountain Out of a Mole Hill: Accusations of Glamour Shots Discount Scams are False

With the growing popularity of smartphones, tablets and other portable internet-capable devices, people are on the internet more than ever for social, entertainment and research purposes. Although the internet can be an excellent source of helpful information, its lack of regulation allows people to easily spread rumors of Glamour Shots discount scams that do not actually exist.

The internet's lack of supervision is one of the system's biggest criticisms. With no one to fact-check all of the user created content that is posted every day, it can be difficult for readers to decide whether or not the content they are viewing is true. This is especially true on message boards, personal blog websites or product review pages because one does not know exactly what a user's real motive is for writing an article or review. For example, if one sees a negative product or business review on a website that rants about a company's poor service or product it is important for readers to be critical of the review as it is very possible that the writer, in a moment of anger, exaggerated his or her experience. Maybe the company contacted the customer and solved the problem? Maybe the issue the customer has was because he or she did not properly read the instructions or the description of the product before purchasing it? Maybe the writer is a disgruntled employee of the company set on damaging the business' reputation? These are all things readers must thing about when on the internet reading about supposed scams or negative reviews.

The alleged Glamour Shots discount scam is a perfect example of how a single complaint can create a mountain out of a mole hill online. Like many other businesses, Glamour Shots had once offered a discount which only applied to certain studio locations. When a customer was unable to use the discount at one of the studios because that particular location was not participating in the promotion, the upset customer posted a complaint online which then snowballed in the rumor of a Glamour Shots discount scam. As one can now see this accusation is completely false.

So the next time you go online in search of some type of information, be critical of what you are reading as it may not be the truth.



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