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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Glamour Shots Innovative Ideas Lead to Rip Offs

In the business world can be difficult for companies to think of new ways they can separate themselves from their competition because as soon as one successful idea is made public, other businesses in similar industries are quick to copy. For instance, since its conception Glamour Shots rip offs have been popping up all over because of the photography studio's innovative services to a unique female market that was often ignored by other studios. When these new services appeared to be quite successful other photography companies took notice and tried to add them to their list of service offerings as well.

What pioneering services did Glamour Shots introduce that caused such excitement amongst female customers and other studios in the photography industry? Instead of a standard come in and have you picture taken session, Glamour Shots knew that its women clients liked to be pampered and therefore decided to offer photo sessions that featured a personalized consultation, makeover, hairstyling and wardrobe changes. These unique services gave women a more glamorous experience and allowed them to feel like supermodels from the fashion magazines.

Glamour Shots was also one of the first photography companies to allow customers to view their proofs immediately after their photo sessions on video monitors. This allowed customers to pick and choose which portraits they wanted quickly so prints could be made as soon as possible. By saving customers time and effort it is easy to see why this service became so successful and why so many Glamour Shots rip offs occurred. But although other companies may now offer glamour photo sessions or immediate proof viewing it is important to remember that Glamour Shots was the first, and for personalized service and high quality portraits there is simply no other place to go.



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