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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Capture Precious Firsts with Newborn Photography

Raising newborn children is an amazing and exciting time for parents as they get to watch their children grow and learn brand new things each and every day. But before their children grow older and learn how to walk and talk, many parents try to capture their newborn's precious first moments in professional photographs. Newborn photography can be challenging for even the most experienced photographer simply because babies are unpredictable. Newborns can move and cry frequently, and even when they are calm it is difficult to get them to smile or look directly into the camera.

This does not mean newborn photography is impossible. In fact, by knowing what to expect ahead of time parents can prepare themselves and help make the photo session much easier. Here are a few tips parents can keep in mind when planning a newborn photo session for their babies:

• Schedule a photo session as soon as possible. For a true "newborn" look it is best for parents to schedule their photo sessions within the first couple of weeks of a child's birth.
• Keep clothing and accessories minimal. The attention of the photos should be on the baby, so it is best not to dress them in lots of distracting, pattern clothes. Although many parents chose to have their newborns photographed in diapers, white onesies also work well too. Feel free to add a simple flower headband or woven cap to complete the look too.
• One of the biggest newborn glamour photography complaints parents have is that their child cried the entire session. To avoid this from occurring try to schedule photo sessions earlier in the day or when newborns are typically awake. Although every child is different, often the later the session, the more likely newborns will be sleepy and irritable.
• Parents should pack toys, formula, extra diapers or other items they may need to keep their newborns happy during the photo session. Besides calming the baby, a favorite blanket or stuffed animal placed in the photos can add a more personalized touch to the photographs.
• Parents should also be prepared to get involved in the photos. Oftentimes, photos of the parents cradling their newborns are the most precious because they truly capture the family's love for the child.



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