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Friday, May 24, 2013

Glamour Shots Complaints about Prom Pictures can Be Avoided

Couples dressing up for prom and putting time, effort and plenty of money into the right look often wind up with only snapshots of that special day. Glamour Shots has a solution: instead of trying to cut or computer-alter photos in which cars, relatives or maybe even an unknown limo driver appear, the company will take professional studio pictures styled and composed just the way the couple wants them.

Prom is a special time, and while family members may want to get involved, it's really a couple's moment. Children and pets can cause distractions while pictures are being taken or even get in the way of the shots. At Glamour Shots, stray animals and kids sticking their heads into photographs at the last second, of course, don't happen.

While the "paparazzi experience" as the couple departs in a limo or family car is exciting, there is a better way. A professional studio with props, white or themed backgrounds and professional hair and makeup available will add magic to the moment. The session can also be scheduled at the couple's convenience, resulting in relaxed, happy expressions that will provide a lifetime of enjoyable memories.

There's nothing wrong with relatives being in the pictures, but with a structured photo shoot, the photographer will act as referee. With a professional in charge, couples will get the pictures they want and also have a chance to take any other shots that will help to keep the peace in the family. With help from Glamour Shots, complaints about family pictures won't be Thanksgiving table discussion material for years to come.

Professional photographers know how to light and compose pictures for the best effect, richest color and strongest impressions. The Glamour Shots studio is designed and equipped to help their professionals make clients shine. Taking prom pictures right without the family drama and amateur photography means that Glamour Shots complaints about not capturing that special moment just right aren't a part of the experience.



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