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Glamour Shots Community Blog: 5 Tips to Avoid a Glamour Shots Prices Ripoff

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

5 Tips to Avoid a Glamour Shots Prices Ripoff

If you have been reading through reviews about Glamour Shots recently, you may have noticed that there are several claims about a Glamour Shots prices ripoff. These claims all vary in small ways, but they ultimately relate to the fact that the customer was not happy with the end-result of their experience. The fact is that countless customers have used Glamour Shots for their various photography needs over the years with great results, but some have walked away from their sessions unhappy about how much it cost. By following five key tips, you can avoid feeling as though you were subject to a Glamour Shots prices ripoff. 

1. Review the Prices Beforehand
As a first step, it is important for all consumers to review the Glamour Shots prices before arriving for the photo shoot. The prices include the studio service fee as well as the cost for the portrait packages or other products that you want to buy. While many consumers are aware that there is an up-front fee, they fail to review the price for portraits beforehand. These prices are generally available for review online or upon request from your local Glamour Shots studio.

2. Choose Your Outfits Wisely
One common complaint that many people have is that the portraits were not what they desired. The fact is that both the stylist and photographer at Glamour Shots will create images that are based in large part on the outfits that you bring into the studio. For example, if you bring in professional attire for a business photo shoot, the hair, makeup and poses will be in line with this. It is important to choose outfits that most closely correspond with the type of poses and portraits that you want.

3. Find Hair and Makeup Examples
Likewise, it is important that you take the next step of finding examples of the hair and makeup that you would like. Your stylist has the ability to transform you into a vision of impressive beauty, but you'll want to make sure that your vision is in line with the stylist's. Clipping images that you want to emulate is a great way to ensure that your stylist gets the right idea.

4. Be Clear About Your Desires
You also have the ability to set the tone of your photo shoot. For example, if the photographer pulls down a hot pink backdrop and you are more interested in darker or neutral hues, it is important to vocalize your preference. Glamour Shots makes every effort to create poses and images that are in line with your desires, but they do need to be aware of those wishes in order to comply.

5. Discuss Your Concerns
If you have any concerns before or during your session, it is important to bring them to the attention of your stylist or photographer immediately. It is possible to address some concerns up-front, and this can enhance your experience; however, if you wait until the end of the session to make a complaint, the stylist and photographer are not able to correct the issue.

The fact is that those who have been most pleased with their Glamour Shots experience have been proactive in finding out pricing ahead of time and vocal about what they want, finding a way to clearly communicate their desires to the Glamour Shots staff. Keep these tips in mind as you prepare for your session and you will never feel disappointed in the service.



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