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Glamour Shots Community Blog: A Glamour Shots Style Expert Reviews Your Look throughout the Photo Shoot

Monday, February 11, 2013

A Glamour Shots Style Expert Reviews Your Look throughout the Photo Shoot

Most people have photo albums filled with less than ideal shots of themselves. It can be very frustrating to feel that there isn't a single snapshot in the group that really captures the way you look when you're at your best.

That's where Glamour Shots comes in. Throughout the photo session, a styling expert at Glamour Shots reviews your look, ensuring that there's never a drooping curl and that lipstick always looks fresh and vibrant.

The process begins upon your arrival at the studio. We ask our customers to arrive fresh faced and with squeaky clean hair so that our hairstylists and makeup artists have the unmarked canvas they require to create a masterpiece. Of course, it can't happen without your input. Our style experts consider themselves part of your team; they'll arrive with plenty of suggestions, but they want to hear your thoughts as well, so that the result is a glamorous look that you'll be proud of.

Once the stylists have done their job, it's off to the studio to start the photography session. The photographer asks you to assume a wide range of different poses and attitudes. While, it's fun to experiment, the process has a habit of disturbing hair and causing makeup to fade. That's when a personal style expert at Glamour Shots reviews your cosmetics and hairstyle to make certain that it looks just as fantastic on the 50th shot as it did on the first. Glamour Shots wants nothing less than the best for each and every photo session, and the full participation of a stylist is just one of the ways that this goal gets accomplished every day.

Glamour Shots reviews suggest that customers are definitely noticing the difference in the quality of photos that are produced in these studios. The photographers at Glamour Shots simply have more expertise and work harder to get better results; however, this process is definitely a team effort that involves you, your makeup artist, and your hairstylist. All of your combined efforts will result in fantastic pictures that you can proudly display in photo albums and an experience that allows you to feel as indulged and pampered as the most famous super model.



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