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Glamour Shots Community Blog: Helpful Tips for Flattering Engagement Photos

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Helpful Tips for Flattering Engagement Photos

Before the big day and all of the major wedding planning begins, it is common for newly engaged couples to schedule engagement photo sessions. During these special photo sessions, happy couples pose for pictures that will not only be shared with family and friends, but that will also be used for their save-the-dates, newspaper announcements and other wedding-related items. Since these photos will be seen and used for many occasions up until the big wedding day, many couples go to great lengths to ensure that they will look their best in these portraits.

For couples who are not sure where to begin their engagement photo session preparation, here are some helpful tips they can use to get started and hopefully reduce their stress:

• Start planning outfits in advance. Although this may seem like a simple thing to do, many couples find it challenging to pick outfits that not only coordinate with each other, but that are also comfortable to wear. A good idea is to start with clothes that are already in your closet as these already represent you and your personality. Then, mix and match different outfits to see which pairs you like best. By starting this process early couples will still have time to run to the mall to buy another top or bottom if they feel it is necessary.

• One of the most common insecurities people have when they go to have their pictures taken is that they do not have a bright, white smile. To help prevent this, couples should make sure they are brush their teeth at least twice a day with some type of whitening toothpaste and mouth rise. If there are severe stains, couples can always look into at-home teeth whitening kits or they can visit their dentists for help.

• If couples are worried about their physiques they should start eating healthy and exercising regularly to help themselves get in better shape. Even small changes, such as replacing sugary soda drinks with water, can have a significant impact.

• Get a good night of sleep the night before the photo session. By getting a full night of rest couples will feel and look better.

• Couples should give themselves plenty of time to get ready before their engagement photo session. Being calm and relaxed is the key to flattering engagement photos so couples should give themselves enough time to shower, get dressed, do their hair and makeup, or do whatever else they need to do before their photo sessions.

• Another great way to prevent stress before an engagement photo session is for couples to use a glamour photography studio for their portraits. For example, instead of couples complaining and stressing that they did not have time to do their hair or makeup exactly how they wanted it, the photography studio Glamour Shots can have their professional hairstylists and makeup artists take care of all this for them. This way couples can relax and know that they will be looking their best in their engagement photos.



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