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Monday, March 18, 2013

An Investment in Excellence: Avoid Glamour Shots Ripoffs

It's important to distinguish between the quality of a Glamour Shots studio experience and the substandard work of many Glamour Shots ripoff entities. There are many that have taken a good concept and tried to turn it into a money-making business without considering the elements that make the authentic experience and product what it is. Competition can be healthy for any business, and Glamour Shots has continually expanded its offerings and improved its quality in every area.

One of the most important distinguishing factors the organization demonstrates is a commitment to personal attention. This isn't a photo mill that is only interested in moving people through quickly -- everyone from receptionists and stylists to the photographers provide a pleasant environment that makes individuals, couples, and families feel at home and comfortable. Conversation is professional, polite, and engaging. The last thing customers need to hear in a studio is an under-the-breath complaint about hours, customers or wages. Cheap agencies tend to skimp in many areas, leaving their workers with upset attitudes to represent them to the community.

Another important factor to consider in selecting a session at Glamour Shots is the attention to detail with makeup and wardrobe options. Materials used to complete makeovers are handled carefully with attention to the sanitary conditions of makeup, hair products, and tools. Wardrobe components and props are similarly handled with care. Nobody wants to have makeup done with dingy products, nor do customers want to be offered dirty accessories and props for important portraits. Inferior studios tend to show their true level of quality at these very basic stages.

It's never enjoyable to be treated impersonally, especially when paying for a quality experience. Unlike with Glamour Shots ripoff locations -- which have rude photographers rushing the sitting to get a finalized product -- there is no need to worry in an authentic studio. The real experience includes customers in the decision-making process from well before the first pose until the selection of proofs is completed.



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