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Glamour Shots Community Blog: Don't Feel Scammed! Keep Up-to-date on Special Glamour Shots Pricing

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Don't Feel Scammed! Keep Up-to-date on Special Glamour Shots Pricing

The word "scam" comes up a lot nowadays, especially now that consumers have created various complaint websites and awareness blogs to warn others of financial peril. However, the truth is that what many people call a scam is actually little more than a missed opportunity or an unwise decision. Now, that's certainly not to discredit those consumers who have actually been the victim of real scams or rip-offs, but it's important to take the facts into account before merely accepting the assessment of one angry individual.

Even a company like Glamour Shots, whose online reputation is impeccable, has had the word "scam" levied at them a few times. However, further investigation has revealed that these events were usually simple cases of customers not doing their homework before walking into their Glamour Shots appointment. In almost every instance, these customers failed to check the special online prices listed on the Glamour Shots' website, and they got the impression that they had paid too much for the services when the discounts were discovered later.

So, rather than a Glamour Shots scam, what actually happened was a Glamour Shots misunderstanding. Had the customer properly researched all of the pricing and special packages available to them, they could have saved money initially and avoided the horrible feeling that comes with realizing that one has paid too much for a good or service. And, while no amount of goodwill can reinstate the money spent on these services, it is important to note that Glamour Shots has gone to great lengths to contact these individuals and attempt to reconcile these misunderstandings. Sometimes, the company has had success and sometimes, they haven't.

So, before one is the victim of an imagined Glamour Shots scam, be sure to explore all of the pricing options and packages available -- it will save everyone who is involved a lot of time, effort and money down the road.



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