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Glamour Shots Community Blog: April 2013

Monday, April 8, 2013

Touchup Troubles with Glamour Shots Ripoff Companies

The business of creating keepsake portraits is important because clients are investing in a memory. Glamour Shots has continued to develop touch-up techniques through the years so that every image is something to treasure. Whether a portrait is selected as a holiday gift for family members or as a special memento for a spouse, the company is committed to making sure that the results are exceptional.

There are many Glamour Shots ripoff studios that attempt to replicate the effect of unique portraits and some of them try to do so by duplicating specific poses. Whether it's the playful pose of a child or the intriguing appeal of a couples shoot, though, these copycat studios tend to cut corners in the process, figuring that they can make up for their shortcomings through touch-up steps; however, the results can be poor.

One of the keys to GS success is the attention to their clients' appearance prior to a sitting. While touch-up effects can help to improve a poor hair and makeup job, the stylists at Glamour Shots can drastically limit the need for such work by making sure that everything looks fantastic to begin with. After all, customers don't want a fake look in their final portraits.

The best photographers also work hard to make sure that final portraits are beautiful. While at Glamour Shots, studio settings are adjusted throughout a shoot to limit lighting problems, a ripoff entity will often try to touch-up lighting issues, compensating through the use of computer effects. These results can be difficult to obtain without impacting elements of the image negatively. GS photographers use their expertise to ensure that there is limited need to adapt images after the shoot and do much of their touch-up work in the context of the sitting through subtle adjustments.

Investing in a studio experience with a Glamour Shots ripoff company may seem cheap and simple at the time; however, their poor photos aren't of keepsake quality. It's important to invest in an authentic GS studio to receive the best results.


Friday, April 5, 2013

Portrait Tips: How to Minimize a Child’s Glamour Shots Complaints

It’s a fact: many children don’t like sitting for portraits. For small kids, the room can seem stuffy, the photographers can seem scary, and the fancy clothes can be uncomfortable. It can be tough to get the perfect portraits with all of these problems.

Thankfully, Glamour Shots makes the process hassle-free for young children and their parents. The photographers there are skilled at working with children, and they can help minimize any Glamour Shots complaints with their professionalism and compassion. What can a parent do to make a portrait shoot even more comfortable? Here are four easy-to-implement ideas.

1. Let the child help choose his or her outfits.

By letting the little boy or girl help decide on the clothing, parents lessen the likelihood of future tantrums. Of course, any fancy outfit can be uncomfortable for kids, but if they’re wearing something they helped pick out, they’ll feel more special and important.

2. Look at other portraits for inspiration.

Kids love looking at pictures. Parents can make portraits seem fun by showing their children other fancy photographs and asking which they like best. That way, the kids will have a better understanding of how pretty the finished product can be.

3. Bring a favorite toy — and a few snacks.

If the child gets nervous around strangers, parents should keep a treasured toy on hand to help soothe any fears. Plus, a juice box or some apple slices can often go a long way in preventing any grumpiness.

4. Plan a post-portrait treat.

Though, parents might be reticent to promise unhealthy snacks as a reward, planning a special outing after the portrait session lets children get excited about the entire day. Mom and Dad can rent a favorite movie or take their little ones shopping for a new picture book after the shoot.

Glamour Shots are a great way to commemorate a special occasion. With these four tips, any parent can help avoid Glamour Shots complaints and get the most beautiful portraits.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tips to Ensure a Great Newborn Photo Session

Children grow up fast, but Glamour Shots can help capture those moments for a lifetime of enjoyment. Family portraits and high school graduations are some of the more common reasons people visit one of the company's locations, but now newborn glamour photography can be added to the list. As with other sessions, a few tips will provide a smoother process and prevent the photos from turning out poorly.

Parents with an interest in flawless portraits of their newborn will first need to contact the photographer. Many sessions start out with only the newborn as a subject, but excited parents are always welcome to join in for pictures, so it's important for them to feel comfortable with the photographer. Having everyone on the same page is the best way to keep baby calm and photogenic.

Arrangements and Preparations

During the initial meeting, the photographer will likely have some suggestions for the parents, which should be taken into account when planning. The following tips are helpful for any session involving a newborn or infant. They will help parents avoid the risks of persistent crying or overall unresponsiveness, both of which are leading reasons for problems in the photography process.

* The session should be scheduled during the newborn's awake time. A tired baby will be cranky and even less likely to focus on the camera or respond with a smile.

* Clothing for newborns is often brightly colored and distracting to the viewer. Parents are looking for portraits of their newborn, not the latest fashion statement. The best choices for a newborn portrait are cloth diapers and single-piece garments in neutral shades.

* Any parents or siblings in attendance should bring or wear their own choice of clothing. It may be impossible to get a great shot without holding the baby if the child is being uncooperative and the person who has to jump into the shot won't want to be wearing their sweats. Also, family in attendance may see the value of a full-family portrait at the last minute.

* Finally, newborns need to eat frequently, so parents should ensure formula or milk is available to keep them well-fed and in good humor. Diapers and baby's favorite toys are also useful items at a Glamour Shots session.

With any photo session, it makes sense to get a price estimate ahead of time to avoid Glamour Shots prices complaints. For instance, if parents and other people are thinking of being in photos with the newborn, they should check and see what the cost would be for extra participants and the additional time it might take to photograph them and set up. Also, the parents should get an idea of how long having more people in the pictures would take. If the baby gets tired half way through, it may ruin the photo op, so it might make sense to limit the number of people involved.

By taking all of these factors into account, the photo session for the newborn can be a successful endeavor that provides pictures that the whole family can enjoy for years.



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