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Glamour Shots Community Blog: February 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

5 Tips to Avoid a Glamour Shots Prices Ripoff

If you have been reading through reviews about Glamour Shots recently, you may have noticed that there are several claims about a Glamour Shots prices ripoff. These claims all vary in small ways, but they ultimately relate to the fact that the customer was not happy with the end-result of their experience. The fact is that countless customers have used Glamour Shots for their various photography needs over the years with great results, but some have walked away from their sessions unhappy about how much it cost. By following five key tips, you can avoid feeling as though you were subject to a Glamour Shots prices ripoff. 

1. Review the Prices Beforehand
As a first step, it is important for all consumers to review the Glamour Shots prices before arriving for the photo shoot. The prices include the studio service fee as well as the cost for the portrait packages or other products that you want to buy. While many consumers are aware that there is an up-front fee, they fail to review the price for portraits beforehand. These prices are generally available for review online or upon request from your local Glamour Shots studio.

2. Choose Your Outfits Wisely
One common complaint that many people have is that the portraits were not what they desired. The fact is that both the stylist and photographer at Glamour Shots will create images that are based in large part on the outfits that you bring into the studio. For example, if you bring in professional attire for a business photo shoot, the hair, makeup and poses will be in line with this. It is important to choose outfits that most closely correspond with the type of poses and portraits that you want.

3. Find Hair and Makeup Examples
Likewise, it is important that you take the next step of finding examples of the hair and makeup that you would like. Your stylist has the ability to transform you into a vision of impressive beauty, but you'll want to make sure that your vision is in line with the stylist's. Clipping images that you want to emulate is a great way to ensure that your stylist gets the right idea.

4. Be Clear About Your Desires
You also have the ability to set the tone of your photo shoot. For example, if the photographer pulls down a hot pink backdrop and you are more interested in darker or neutral hues, it is important to vocalize your preference. Glamour Shots makes every effort to create poses and images that are in line with your desires, but they do need to be aware of those wishes in order to comply.

5. Discuss Your Concerns
If you have any concerns before or during your session, it is important to bring them to the attention of your stylist or photographer immediately. It is possible to address some concerns up-front, and this can enhance your experience; however, if you wait until the end of the session to make a complaint, the stylist and photographer are not able to correct the issue.

The fact is that those who have been most pleased with their Glamour Shots experience have been proactive in finding out pricing ahead of time and vocal about what they want, finding a way to clearly communicate their desires to the Glamour Shots staff. Keep these tips in mind as you prepare for your session and you will never feel disappointed in the service.


Monday, February 11, 2013

A Glamour Shots Style Expert Reviews Your Look throughout the Photo Shoot

Most people have photo albums filled with less than ideal shots of themselves. It can be very frustrating to feel that there isn't a single snapshot in the group that really captures the way you look when you're at your best.

That's where Glamour Shots comes in. Throughout the photo session, a styling expert at Glamour Shots reviews your look, ensuring that there's never a drooping curl and that lipstick always looks fresh and vibrant.

The process begins upon your arrival at the studio. We ask our customers to arrive fresh faced and with squeaky clean hair so that our hairstylists and makeup artists have the unmarked canvas they require to create a masterpiece. Of course, it can't happen without your input. Our style experts consider themselves part of your team; they'll arrive with plenty of suggestions, but they want to hear your thoughts as well, so that the result is a glamorous look that you'll be proud of.

Once the stylists have done their job, it's off to the studio to start the photography session. The photographer asks you to assume a wide range of different poses and attitudes. While, it's fun to experiment, the process has a habit of disturbing hair and causing makeup to fade. That's when a personal style expert at Glamour Shots reviews your cosmetics and hairstyle to make certain that it looks just as fantastic on the 50th shot as it did on the first. Glamour Shots wants nothing less than the best for each and every photo session, and the full participation of a stylist is just one of the ways that this goal gets accomplished every day.

Glamour Shots reviews suggest that customers are definitely noticing the difference in the quality of photos that are produced in these studios. The photographers at Glamour Shots simply have more expertise and work harder to get better results; however, this process is definitely a team effort that involves you, your makeup artist, and your hairstylist. All of your combined efforts will result in fantastic pictures that you can proudly display in photo albums and an experience that allows you to feel as indulged and pampered as the most famous super model.


Friday, February 8, 2013

Alternatives to School Picture Frustrations

School photos can seem like a frustrating waste of time and money, especially when the same background and pose is used year after year. Technology makes it easy to limit spending on school shots because it's easy to create a pack of wallet photos for the kids to exchange with their friends. A quick trip to the drugstore's one-hour machine can produce better results at times. Wouldn't it be nice to invest in a high-quality portrait rather than waste money on a strained photo that is poorly posed?

Glamour Shots reviews indicate that many parents love the value and fun involved in obtaining quality portraits of their youngsters at our popular studio. Even better, the photo shoot is coupled with hair styling and makeup, which will thrill the girls with attention and pampering. Boys, of course, might not need the full treatment, but it's nice to know that the hair experts will be on hand during the session to make sure that collars and loose strands of hair cooperate.

Middle and high school photos are often even more frustrating than those of elementary aged children. Many of these young people dread picture day and hate having their photos taken in front of other classmates. It's a shame for a funny look or breakout to end up being the legacy of the year. Instead, substitute a Glamour Shots portrait that will provide professional treatment from the beginning of the shoot to the time that the package of prints is delivered. Glamour Shots reviews show that many teens and pre-teens love the appeal of their fun poses and professionally styled looks. Often, many classmates follow suit when they see the great wallet photos their friends have to trade.

Many high school seniors have turned to Glamour Shots for affordable pictures. They can have fun with their poses by incorporating musical instruments, sports gear, and other tokens of their high school interests and activities into their portraits. Hair and makeup will be perfect, and a touch-up service ensures that each senior photo will be a treasured keepsake.

Why put up with the same old-same old portraiture year after year? With Glamour Shots impeccable services, every student can have a stunning class photo and stop feeling like one of the hive. Glamour Shots prices reviews by satisfied customers uphold the quality and good value of the photography and the enjoyment that the students can derive from it. 


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Review Pricing Options and Budget for Glamour Shots

Reviewing online pricing options prior to making a purchase is the proactive way for smart shoppers to avoid thinking that they have been victims of a scam. Secure consumers never have to worry about problems that will not occur, and our satisfied buyers are fully aware of all their options when they choose a professional family portrait experience that captures a priceless moment in time. It is now incredibly easy for anyone to obtain a professional family portrait that includes loving parents and their children and with an infinite array of lighting options, state-of-the-art photography equipment, and consummate professionalism in the studio, our Glamour Shots are well worth it.

Buying wisely is an imperative for consumers who are aware of their power, and the highest quality workmanship is always more expensive than lesser, inferior goods. Since the Internet has boosted communication and empowered individuals around the world, and because the industry is highly competitive, many shoddy studios and their unhappy clients talk about a Glamour Shots scam as a way to scare business away. Educated shoppers look at the evidence, both in terms of price and in the quality of the photography, and can easily see the difference between an incompetent local studio and an internationally renowned one, such as ours.

Saving money to give children the best has long been an aim of parents, and getting a family portrait done by our professional studio results in a priceless keepsake that is worth the cost. While there are unfounded rumors about a Glamour Shots scam, victimization is a mindset that is based on an individual's experience. By knowing the true cost of quality photography before making a decision, our buyers are always more satisfied with their results and can rest assured that their money is well spent.

Having a family moment captured forever is priceless, and smart families budget their funds in order to afford the best. The studio experience is highly subjective, and most people who take advantage of low prices and specials usually feel victimized after their encounter with inferior bargain hunters. On the other hand, informed consumers look at the evidence and use their resources wisely to give their families the highest quality portrait available.



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