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Glamour Shots Community Blog: March 2013

Monday, March 25, 2013

Glamour Shots Ripoff Studios -- Why Getting the Real Deal is Better

For over 20 years, Glamour Shots has been at the forefront of the photographic portrait industry. The company's unique combination of innovative staging, premium quality photo finishing, super-fast turnaround times, and affordable pricing has attracted thousands of customers from across the United States.

These customers know value when they see it and are able to differentiate a Glamour Shots ripoff from the outstanding value that an authentic studio represents.

When customers pick Glamour Shots, photographers work with them on styling, props and backgrounds that will showcase the subject as well as the occasion. The company's goal isn't to create generic photographs but to design meaningful portraiture. A family portrait, for example, won't just be a photo of a group of people, but also capture the love that binds them together.

Glamour Shots uses special lighting techniques, airbrush makeup and even props (if desired) to bring out the best in portrait subjects and flatter the appearance of everyone involved. With their experience, the professionals at these studios make an art of balancing the appearance of a family so that each member stands out, but none dominates the frame. They use all of the tools in their impressive arsenal to create an interesting contrast between subjects and their backgrounds and imbue every image with meaning that highlights the familial bonds.

After the portrait is completed, the photographer sits down with the person who commissioned it to review proofs. This is a service that few other photography studios provide and it allows customers to have full control over the finished portraits, giving them the opportunity to suggest touchups and other embellishments for the desired result.

A Glamour Shots ripoff may offer some of the same services that the authentic company does, such as an area where subjects can apply makeup, but subjects will not have the benefit of professional advice and expertise. It's best to avoid studios that imitate Glamour Shots and have portraits taken by the real company.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Glamour Shots Engagement Portraits: Investing in Important Memories

Traditional portrait sittings can be somewhat stiff, but the Glamour Shots experience provides a refreshing alternative for newly engaged couples preparing to send announcements to friends and family. There is a huge demand for quality engagement shots, and these keepsake photos prove to be precious reminders of this special time years later. Couples that have photos taken should never have any Glamour shots prices complaints or issues with the services that they receive so that they can look back on this time without any regret.

Planning for an engagement sitting is important, especially if a formal announcement or save-the-date will be sent.  Couples should allow enough time for a sitting to be completed and portraits to be returned. It's also important to obtain a variety of image prints, especially if they are going to be used as part of the wedding reception d├ęcor. Glamour Shots provides a variety of packages based on individual preferences, needs, and budgets.

Glamour Shots staff members endeavor to make the sitting a wonderful time for a couple. Hair and makeup artists ensure that both bride and groom are dazzling in appearance. There's nothing like young love to charge the atmosphere with excitement and the interaction with the photographer will encourage a variety of poses and situational pictures. It's always fun to incorporate ideas that a couple provides, whether they include a heel held up in the midst of a kiss or a flirty fan shielding faces from view during an intimate moment, the photographer will work to capture the romance in a captivating way.

The GS experience is more than an item on a to-do list -- it's an investment in a relationship that is filled with potential and promise. It's also an opportunity to capture in print the blossoming of a bond that will be nurtured and strengthened over time. The value of such special portraits will be manifest as the couple looks back nostalgically on this special time in their lives.


Monday, March 18, 2013

An Investment in Excellence: Avoid Glamour Shots Ripoffs

It's important to distinguish between the quality of a Glamour Shots studio experience and the substandard work of many Glamour Shots ripoff entities. There are many that have taken a good concept and tried to turn it into a money-making business without considering the elements that make the authentic experience and product what it is. Competition can be healthy for any business, and Glamour Shots has continually expanded its offerings and improved its quality in every area.

One of the most important distinguishing factors the organization demonstrates is a commitment to personal attention. This isn't a photo mill that is only interested in moving people through quickly -- everyone from receptionists and stylists to the photographers provide a pleasant environment that makes individuals, couples, and families feel at home and comfortable. Conversation is professional, polite, and engaging. The last thing customers need to hear in a studio is an under-the-breath complaint about hours, customers or wages. Cheap agencies tend to skimp in many areas, leaving their workers with upset attitudes to represent them to the community.

Another important factor to consider in selecting a session at Glamour Shots is the attention to detail with makeup and wardrobe options. Materials used to complete makeovers are handled carefully with attention to the sanitary conditions of makeup, hair products, and tools. Wardrobe components and props are similarly handled with care. Nobody wants to have makeup done with dingy products, nor do customers want to be offered dirty accessories and props for important portraits. Inferior studios tend to show their true level of quality at these very basic stages.

It's never enjoyable to be treated impersonally, especially when paying for a quality experience. Unlike with Glamour Shots ripoff locations -- which have rude photographers rushing the sitting to get a finalized product -- there is no need to worry in an authentic studio. The real experience includes customers in the decision-making process from well before the first pose until the selection of proofs is completed.



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