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Glamour Shots Community Blog: July 2013

Monday, July 15, 2013

Keep an Eye on Glamour Shots Social Media Pages for Deals

Paying full price for a photo shoot and prints can seem like a Glamour Shots scam if you discover later that a special deal was available. However, it's easy to make the most of a sitting when you keep up with current offers through social media. Lots of businesses use social networks to provide special incentives to customers, and following Glamour Shots is the first step towards making sure that you never miss one of our hot deals for loyal followers. 

We provide special offers through networks like Facebook and Twitter, so that we can encourage customers to not only interact online but also in our studios. Social media has challenged us to think outside of the box as we look for ways to cater to the needs and budgets of our clients, and we constantly include tips for great photo shoots (in addition to deals) on our pages.

Glamour Shots scam companies may try to generate similar interest, but their special deals will hold little value if the resulting images are poor. The virtual presence of GS in social media circles is a reflection of the upbeat environment our customers can expect to encounter during a shoot or when picking up their portraits.

We keep things interesting for our customers by continually updating our product options. While portraits are one of the main products that we offer, we produce fun options like phone cases and photo books as well. Look for discount codes on our social media pages to help you to save on these products, especially for holiday and gift-giving occasions. We recommend that our customers check with the studio after finding sales on social media sites so that we can confirm the pricing and details.


Monday, July 1, 2013

Glamour Shots Prices Can Be Validated by Reviewing Sample Work

Modern technology has made it easy to turn a snapshot into a portrait package. In fact, many amateur photographers have capitalized on this concept, offering low pricing on portrait packages and taking advantage of easy access to printing discounts. However, there is definitely something to be said for a professional portrait. While the amateur may have some natural talent, the professional usually has technical training and high-quality equipment that allow for expert images to be produced.

Glamour Shots prices reflect the fact that a professional is at work. While these prices may seem higher than those available from some studios, it's helpful to review samples of a company's work to make a better evaluation of their potential.

Glamour Shots prices are based on different factors. The photo shoot is priced as an experience because, in addition to the portrait sitting, a client is also provided with a make-up and hair session to ensure that everything looks just right. Given the cosmetic and photographic elements of a session and the fact that the process is being handled by someone who is trained in the technical aspects of creating these portraits, the value is excellent.

Pricing on photos is based on sizing and quantity of prints and additional features like color effects may cost a little something more. By checking out these prices ahead of time, either online or by calling the location, customers can know exactly how much their photos and any extras will cost and can prepare for it.

The idea of a portrait package can conjure up memories of school pictures in the minds of many potential customers, and this can lead to a sense of uncertainty about quality and costs. Department store photo studios have added to this sense of angst over picture packages. The best way to avoid serious disappointment over pricing and picture quality is to ask a potential photographer to provide a portfolio for review -- an inability to do so is a good reason to walk away. A potential customer's ability to review sample work in advance will provide that person with a sense of confidence. Glamour Shots prices reflect this commitment to excellence, and sample work can be reviewed in the studios or online.

The quality of the work at Glamour Shots is what puts it above and beyond the competition. By reviewing the many pricing options and comparing them with the results, customers can not only see the value of what they are getting, but they can use these tools to plan ahead. There's just no way to lose!



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